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One of my favorite pastimes is to head out into the swamps to seek out alligators. YES! It is a bit risky, but don’t worry, they really are not interested in me.
Why tell you this? Well, I consider my job as a therapist similar to this curiosity. Embarking on the adventure into your mind and relationships can be just as intimidating; yet, I believe that it is an undertaking well worth your time and energy.
Factors, conscious and unconscious, affect our thinking and perspectives which affect our choices and behaviors. Some of those factors include:

  • Nature vs. nurture 

  • Traumas

  • Education

  • Addictions

  • Creativity

  • Gender roles

  • Society’s rules

  • Spiritual ideas

Why choose this adventure? Bottom line…you matter. Your life matters and your loved ones matter. That’s it.

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