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Uggggghhh. I am currently experiencing it in this moment. I had written an amazing blog post about listening and then...POOF! It disappeared. Head down. Energy depleted. A desire to give up.

But, instead I have chosen to roll with the new experience...disappointment. Ohhhhhh how it hurts to feel this. How we try to avoid other people feeling it! And in that effort how often do you end up feeling it? It's inevitable. know what? You and all of us will have improved life experiences if we learn how to handle disappointment better.

Disappointment is tough because we don't really know what to do with it. It's a sensation we feel desperate to move out of. And we will. We will move from the feeling. Sometimes you just have to sit with it and let is run its course. What people tend to do... is quit. Blame. Obsess. And work like hell to make sure we don't make other people have to experience this horrible feeling.

Problem is...if we do that we don't get the lesson. For example, I need to make damn sure that I publish this sucker!

Disappointment is part of life. It's a part of trying new things. Like Ted Lasso the goldfish! Get back out there! Stop martyring yourself so that other's don't feel disappointed!


Say it with me: It's ok for you and other's to feel disappointment.

Ah... I feel better. Thanks for listening.


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